Certificates of Participation
G.O. Bonds
Infrastructure Financing Districts
Industrial Development Bonds

State and local governments have numerous financing tools that can be used to solve many different kinds of funding-related problems. For example, Mello-Roos financing in California, if structured properly, can serve as an efficient line of credit for an agency to finance public improvements within its five-year capital facility plan. Industrial Development Bonds can serve a critical role in attracting or retaining company relocations and jobs. Local general obligation bonds can help close the funding gap on new school construction or other necessary public improvements. These are just a few examples of how DPFG consultants can help.


  • Calculate bond-supported revenue streams
  • Identify Industrial Development Bond opportunities
  • Determine maximum bond amounts
  • Prepare Industrial Development Bond applications
  • Develop bond credit criteria for bondholder security
  • Prepare financing proposals
  • Interrelate multiple financings to solve funding gaps
  • Identify Marks-Roos opportunities
  • Identify infrastructure financing district opportunities
  • Develop bridge financing alternatives
  • Assist in compiling information for local G.O. bond campaign
  • Prepare cash flow analysis of revenues and costs
  • Calculate certificates of participation lease payments
  • Evaluate federal or state funding possibilities
  • Prepare financing proposals to appropriate public agencies